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Hey guys,

I been using ads4sex to set up some dates on the weekends. I found it works really well, all I did was set up a profile and start sending my usual copy/paste romeo speech to all the woman I’m interested in. I got a pretty high response rate and from there I’m able to chat them up and set up some dates locally. It’s pretty great and so far it’s been my go to for online dating when it comes to free dating sites. If your into online dating like I am and want to find some fun girls to hang out with and potentially hook up with try

Post in the comments your best dates! I want to hear all about it. Let’s see if I’m a real casanova or if you everyone can be this lucky hehe!

Dating a Milf Online

2 Really good reasons you should use hookup classifieds to meet a Milf. As with any age of woman you have the flakes and crazies, but there are two things that should give you great hope for down the road when trying to date a Milf you found in hookup classifieds.

  1. They are not all broken, rejected, castoffs. I have found the opposite to be true. They are amazing women that have for the most part grown tired of the BS from the husbands that have let themselves go, that want to just sit on the couch and watch sports and drink beer. These women worked hard and raised kids and they look out at life ready to have some fun and explore and BE ALIVE.
  2. They are far different from the 20 something party girls and the 30 something bio clock watchers. These women have had 40 years to figure it out. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it. They have better reasoning skills and have taken better control of their emotions. They are generally more financially responsible. and though I’ve yet to meet a truly dutch situation or sugar mama, they always pick up a check here or there. I’ve traveled with a few and although we used my miles or points they would pick up dinner here and there or the snorkel rental. Sexually there are no games, no holding back, they are more willing to play and explore and since most of their exes were lazy in bed, they kinda want to see if you’re good so the relationship will be worthwhile. Oddly, I’ve had more 1st date sex in the last 5 years than in the previous 25, yet not a single 1 night stand. All the women were engaging enough and fun enough to sleep with on more than just that first night.

Holy Big Boobs Batman

Damn man, I’ve just got to blog about this. Have you seen this video!!!

Holy crap that’s hot, I love big boob pornstars and this tube site has a damn good selection! Not only that they, they keep their selection of videos to HD content and its all free! Man I don’t know how these guys do it, their bandwith costs must be massive but I suggest you get in there and check them out cuz its just sweet straight sex videos. More porn over there than you can shake a stick at, well unless were talking about your dick. Than yeah go ahead and shake your dick at the screen lol In any case these guys have got the videos you need and I highly recommend them. If you are into HD porn videos like I am these guys should be in your bookmarks.

Amateur Porn TV


Amateur porn sites are a dime a dozen, there is a ton of them. When it comes down to it all, guys love a good next door neighbour type porn site. When it comes to Amateur Porn movies sites this one is pretty good it doesn’t have any misleading links or annoying popups, just real amateur porn videos. It’s a fun and easy to navigate site with big thumbnails and a large video player, all the qualities of a great tube site. A lot of these videos are taken from private sources like couple videos and private webcam sessions. You should see some of these videos, these girls are total freaks. They play with these massive dildos, thinking they’ll only share the videos with their husbands or boyfriends but somehow these videos got online. You got to love!


God, I love watching Milfs!

As promised, I brought you guys another dating site, which is also great for finding and dating women. First of all this site is a bit different that the previous one, since this one is focusing on local milfs, local moms and older women in general from your area. The hits that you after using searchget will mostly be local chicks that are not far away from your home, location or current position. This local milf focusing site is called, and if you truly want to find a milf in your area, this is probably one of the best sites to be part of. is a great platform for everyone who wants to try out online dating, but it is best suited for those of you who are mostly milf oriented. This being said if you are into milfs who are naughty and outgoing, you must check out! It is a site that will give you countless hours of fun and lots and lots of local hotties to date!

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Hey porn lovers! After the previous post, you know how to handle and how to talk to cam girls, so in this post, we are helping you to practice this skill on real life babes that you can meet with the help of an online dating site called! is a free fuck site, where you don’t have to pay anything to use the site, to become a member or to meet and chat with these hot cuties on! Sites such as this are usually not professional, their platform lags, and the babes are only fake profiles, but this one so far seems like a legit site that will offer you great pastime after becoming a member. Diverse personalities various looks, this free fuck site has it all! All you need to do is register and enjoy the sight of hot babes. If I’ll find another dating site that is decent I’ll post it for you guys!

Top Model 2

lovelynudecams is awesome!

Hey guys! I’m back with another post in which I will be talking about an adult webcam site, that is offering us some really hot cam girls are ready for live sex chat, babes who do all types of webcam shows! These lovely nude cams can be found at, which is a great option for everyone who is thinking in becoming a member on an adult webcam site! Many sites offer hot babes, but usually these babes will only tease you, and when you ask for something specific, they shy away or will turn you down… This is not one of those sites, the nude girls will do almost everything you ask of them in their live shows! They have a pretty good collection of teen babes, milfs, gay studs, shows with fetishes, and with straight studs as well, so they don’t lack in models, thats for sure! Depending on what you want to see, there are various models in various niches, you just have to search for them is a rising cam site, that will be pretty popular in no time, I am sure about this!

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How to talk to hot cam girls?

You guys familiar with I’ve been introduced to it lately and it’s a ton of fun. Hot babes tease and play with themselves and arouse guys to get them into private chats. The free lobbies are great and you can totally perv out on these hot horny chicks. Only thing is I find slightly annoying is the introduction part as there’s a ton of guys chatting with the models and it’s hard to get her attention. I read this great article on and it helped me chat up the hottest broads. Their blog article titled Talking To Hot Women is what you got to check out, It’s got tips on how to act when you are in a private or free lobby, tips and etiquete to follow. You can even read some of their reviews, guys that have tried their techniques and have had success. Just more proof that going in with some knowledge is better than making it up as you go along. tldr; Check out it’s got a great article on chatting up chicks on imlive! Have fun and peace out guys!

Fun new porn site

The Best Fuck SiteI Found this great new site, call it’s brand new and a lot of fun. It looks a lot like pornhub but it’s got different movies you can stream. For this blog I’m always looking for new porn sites on the cusp of making it big. It’s so hard to compete with the big sites in the adult industry but this site might just be able to. I wasn’t bombarded with ads like those annoying popups or instant messenger ads in the bottom right. I guess the webmaster is a porn fan like all of us and wants to make his site the most enjoyable for his surfers ;) That’s pretty refreshing for all us jerkers out there.

The only thing I see missing to the site is a community, but that’s an easy fix. When more and more surfers visit this site and realize how cool it is I’m sure a community will quickly build up.

The porn blogs rates this site 4 Stars, post your comments on how you thought this free adult videos site ranks!