Fun new porn site

The Best Fuck SiteI Found this great new site, call it’s brand new and a lot of fun. It looks a lot like pornhub but it’s got different movies you can stream. For this blog I’m always looking for new porn sites on the cusp of making it big. It’s so hard to compete with the big sites in the adult industry but this site might just be able to. I wasn’t bombarded with ads like those annoying popups or instant messenger ads in the bottom right. I guess the webmaster is a porn fan like all of us and wants to make his site the most enjoyable for his surfers ;) That’s pretty refreshing for all us jerkers out there.

The only thing I see missing to the site is a community, but that’s an easy fix. When more and more surfers visit this site and realize how cool it is I’m sure a community will quickly build up.

The porn blogs rates this site 4 Stars, post your comments on how you thought this free adult videos site ranks!

Russian Broads are crazy!!!

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Ahh, MOTHER RUSSIA! Who though this country will be so popular!? For those who don’t understand what we are talking about, have a look at some of the best cam sites, and you’ll learn that there are tons and tons of Russian cam sex shows on these kinds of webcam sites, and this is a clear indicator that guys or even babes from around the world love Russian babes and the Russian cam sex! These hot Russian chicks turn on the viewers with their sexy Russian accent and with their naughty actions that they do in their live webcam shows! For this time, we prepared a special webcam site called, that has a lot of Russian cam sex shows for everyone who wants to see hot babes from mother Russian doing best tease, strip and solo actions! is a completely free webcam sex site, so if you want to see or experience the best free camsex or the best Russian camsex there is… well in this case you should check out the site and be amazed by the awesomeness that these great shows offer you! Once you check out these horny eastern babes, there is no going back!


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Letter from a reader about a new dating site

Hey we got this email from a reader, it’s in french so of course we will translate for you.  He’s suggesting a new dating site for us to promote to you guys. We think it’s a great fit because we like anything that get our readers laid. Check Nootwoo, it self explanatory. Sign up and get laid ;)

“Nootwoo rencontres sexy ou coquines avec des célibataires et des couples près de chez vous.
Ainsi vous trouverez simplement la personne qui vous convient en rencontres sexy. vous garantie des annonces de rencontres sérieuses et de qualités entre véritables célibataires. Avec, vivez de nouvelles aventures discrètes ou non et vibrez de sensations.Réalisez vos fantasmes.Notre site,vous permet de pimenter votre vie et de casser votre quotidien. Que vous recherchiez des rencontres d’un soir, des rencontres sérieuses ou simplement un plan sex, a le profil qu’il vous faut. Vivez vos aventures sensuelles en toute discretion. est votre site incontournable.”

Multicultural Porn?

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Are hot amateur black babes and stirring amateur Latina chicks your „thing”? Of course they are, otherwise why would you be here… Well to start off the year with a bang, we will recommend two sites for you guys that wil surely amaze you! This time it is not general porn time, this time we take it up a notch! This time we brought you two cam sites that will provide you the best pastime ever! On these two sites you’ll see the most stirring and most enjoyable content ever! In short, you will see live cam shows with horny amateur ebony and Latina babes! From stripping through teases and posing to solo action and masturbation, these cam models do all types of nasty adult action!

The first site is called myebonycams which is featuring black babes and black babes only, and the second one can be found at which is the Free Latina Camsex related cam site mutatis mutandis! These amateur chicks come from all ages, so you’ll get models from young adults to the horniest matures, so no matter what is your type when it comes to babes, you’ll find it on either or! Free Latina camsex and ebony cams for everyone, this is our “Happy New Year” for you guys!

Finally Something NEW in Porn

Hey gang! I just found out about Virtual Pornstars a great porn site where you can control the action you see on screen! You chose the scene and the way it unfolds! You like big boob blonde babes and want to screw them in hot nurse outfits or outside by the beach in skimpy bikinis. You can even decide who you want to be by choosing your male character. All of this is possible with

Image yourself like the porn star god that you know you are and it’s all possible now because of the way they filmed all the hot scenes in POV style. It’s not just POV style, that’s been totally done before, this is a new way to experience porn as it’s all interactive. My favorite feature of virtual pornstars is the option to select the position you want to bang the porn star of your choosing. It’s a really hot option and it even inspired me in my own life. Girlfriend was wondering where I got all these great moves, of course I didn’t tell her it came from a porn site haha.

Say goodbye to boring old paysites, and let’s welcome the rise of interactive porn!!


Honesty4u webcam model


Do you like hot middle aged blondes, who not only have the perfect body with sexy and delicious curves, but who are a real performer, a real slut if needed and a great chatting partner in need?! Well if you do, than we think you should check out Honesty4u webcam shows and performances! Watch how this sexy blonde babe turns into a real sex monster when turned on! She may seem innocent, but believe it if we say that when she gets carried away in her show, she will show you her other side, which will cause an explosion in your pants! From the shows where she only poses in the sexiest lingerie ever, to some really naughty solo play, Honesty4u is doing all kinds of kinky things that a man can wish for! If for some reason Honesty4u’s webcam shows wouldn’t be enough for you, don’t worry! Besides being a top performer, Honesty4u is open to all kinds of ideas and advices, so if you would love to see something specific from her, you just have to ask, and this gorgeous brunette will be more than willing to do it for you! Basically she is one of our favorite brunettes, who is always ready to deliver! Check out today!


New ideas in the industry

Have you ever had a great idea for a product, website or business, researched it to length only to realize it wouldn’t be possible to achieve your dreams without the seed capital. Seed capital is the money needed to fund your venture, it has become exceedingly hard for banks to loan it out to new inventors and entrepreneurs. This is where the great idea for community funding comes in. Crowd funding is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. Great innovations like the 3Doodler, the Dino Pet and Kano all came from crowd funding in 2013. This is a great way for new products to get off the ground but it does have it’s drawbacks. Your idea may be extremely creative and worthwhile but without a viral marketing promotion, no one will see or fund your campaign.

For a crowd funding campaign to succeed you need the right mix of innovation and marketing. I’ve come across the great team at Crowdfund911 Review . Their goal is to help innovators and entrepreneurs achieve success with their campaigns. Take a look at this video it will help explain in detail what they do.

Now if only we could get a successful crowd funded adult site going that would be great…

Porn Ramblings

Many of you guys don’t know, but there is are way more porn sites on the internet than you imagine! There are probably between 15 to 20K bigger adult sites and we are not even talking about the small webpages that consist of only one or two galleries or videos… These are decent size porn sites with various niches, fetishes and types of porn… so if you want to become a member of such a site you have a vast number of options! These sites are usually part of a network, so if you buy a membership on one of their sites you get bonuses in the form of bonus sites, which means you can access these sites with your bought membership! If you don’t know which are the best sites in a particular niche, there are huge review websites, that will give you answers to your every question related to adult sites!

A new great free porn site

If you are a regular visitor of the site, you know that here, we are talking about porn sites, and porn in general! Just in our previous post, we were talking about what makes a good porn site, and how good porn sites look like and what they offer… Well in some way, we continue our previous post, because we will give you a good example of a good porn site! The name of this site is, which is an adult site that gives free porn videos to their members! You can get diverse hard and softcore material for completely free, without having to sign up of to become a member! Everyone can check out the site and it’s material for completely free, and since there is a ton of diverse material on it, there is a good chance that almost everyone will find something for him or herself! As the name states you get mostly hardcore and by hardcore we mean heavy hardcore content in the form of videos… There are softer materials too, where these hot chicks tease, masturbate or get gently fucked, but mostly the site is all about hardcore and punishing! The layout is good, you have some features, you can filter your material by date, by category or by their ranking too! If you didn’t find something you were looking for don’t worry, you can always look it up with the search field! So as you can see, there is a really good chance that everyone will find what he or she is looking for as we earlier mentioned! This being said, take a trip to and check out how a good and almost complete porn site looks like! If you pay attention, you can see that besides pictures, you have everything that you could need on an adult site, so as we said earlier, this is a good example of a great adult site!